Government Service Regulations

COVID19- Please note we have Government Covid19 Protocols in place and consistently practice extensive cleaning and sanitization. Guests must wear masks in all Public areas (reception, retail area, Lounge, washrooms, hallways). Once you are in a private treatment room with your Practitioner you may remove your mask if you wish. Please bring a mask with you, or we have disposable masks for sale for $2.00. MASSAGE THERAPY- We are NOT Provincially Registered Massage Therapists (BC RMT’s). We are a Spa, not a treatment clinic. Our Practitioners have varied professional trainings and some belong to Recognized Associations and can issue receipts, however they are not generally accepted as our Practitioners are not registered in the Province you are receiving your massage (British Columbia). This may differ if you have a Healthcare Spending Account. It is your responsibility to confirm coverage prior to receiving your service, as all private plans have different requirements. Please make your request for a receipt known at time of appointment confirmation or you will be booked with the first available Practitioner. Fusion assumes no liability for services not re-imbursed by your private plan, regardless of the reason.