Runway To Bridal Aisle: Eyes

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For the eyes the runways of the world’s fashion weeks have seen everything from basic eyeliner to bold blues and greens. No need to worry though! The 80s are making a more delicate return to the makeup scene, so no full lash line to brow bone blue eye shadows. This year they are more understated or worked into an ever so popular smokey eye. Liner is the area wear boldness has made an appearance. A smudge brush is this year’s hot tool, with liners gracing both the top and bottom lids for that I just woke up like this undone look. If that’s not quite your style and you like the more retro look of the cat eye flare no need to fret as that is once again the top look for everyday wear to that special event carpet. eyes2 Jane Irdale last year debut all of their hot new eye shadow colors, and regardless if you go for the pretty in petal pink look or bold and sass, they have the colors to suit. That cat eye flip is achieved with your choice of pencil, liquid or cream gel liners in a multitude of colors. Lashes are also popping this season with daring heights and voluminous curves. New trends such as lash extensions are making every day flare very possible and convenient. eyes3 Don’t forget, Fusion Spa offers makeup services for brides, bridal parties and other special occasions.