Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: What is a Wellness Spa?

A: It transcends mere pampering focusing not only on your outer beauty but also your inner beauty and connection to self. We are not a Treatment Clinic, therefore calmness and Guest relaxation are our main focus.

  Q: What to Expect?

A: COVID19 GOVERNMENT PROTOCOLS IN PLACE> Expect an awakening of the senses, an inner feeling of wellbeing. We’re here to guide you along in your experience, as well as show you how to take the spa experience home with you. When booking Spa packages at Fusion Wellness Spa you will be given a locker, sandals and a comfortable robe to wear during your stay. There are change rooms and showers for women and men as well as a wheel chair accessible restroom. We have a Spa lounge where you can relax with a complementary Spa Beverage to begin your Spa Experience. We encourage clients to come early so they can relax in our lounge before their treatment. When you enter a treatment room your therapist will step outside, allowing you to disrobe in preparation for your treatment. During your treatment, you will always be draped to protect your privacy. There are toiletries available for our clients in each change room.

  Q: What to Wear?

A: Comfort is of utmost importance. You will be given a comfortable robe and sandals to use while at the Spa (when a Spa package or multiple services are booked). You may choose to wear your swimsuit for the Fusion Mud Bath or Infrared Sauna treatment but most guests choose to relax nude or with a towel in our private hydrotherapy unit. We recommend you bring comfortable flip flops with you when receiving a pedicure. We do provide disposable flip flops for clients in case you do forget or don’t have appropriate foot wear.

  Q: What to Do?

A: Leave all worries at home! Enjoy the experience, turn your phone off, wander with your thoughts, or converse with your therapist (if you wish). Please express any discomfort, or special needs with your therapist.

  Q: What to Book?

A: If you are unsure about booking a service, one of our experienced therapists or our Guest Services Representative will be happy to consult with you over the phone or in person at no charge.

  Q: Where to go?

A: For driving directions, please contact us. Free parking is available in front and behind Fusion Wellness Spa. Fusion Wellness Spa guests please use front entrance of building.

  Q: Spa Reservations

A: In order to serve you better, reservations are encouraged. We require a credit card to reserve your appointments.

  Q: Spa Etiquette

A: Consideration: Please respect the right to privacy and quiet of other spa guests. For your maximum pleasure and in consideration of other spa guests it is recommended that small children do not accompany you on your Spa experience. We also ask you leave your cell phone off or at home. Promptness: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatments. We ask all first time Spa Guest fill out a Client History form so we can better serve you. We also encourage our guests to relax in our Spa lounge prior to their treatment to start their Spa Experience. Arriving late will deprive you of precious minutes of your Spa Treatments. Your appointment will end as scheduled so that the next guest is not delayed. Gratuities: In appreciation for outstanding service, gratuities may be offered at your discretion. Gift cards do not include gratuities.

  Q: Cancellations / Changes

A: The treatments and services you select are reserved especially for you. Group reservations are subject to contracted agreement. Guests who do not honour their appointments will be charged a cancellation fee as follows: Failure to Show: The entire package or service price. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are subject to a 50% charge for booked services.

  Q: What is Microdermabrasion?

A: This is one of the top five non-surgical procedures. Almost everyone can benefit from microdermabrasion. With the use of a diamond-crusted wand, the surface layers of dead skin are removed. Texture is redefined and skin looks radiant after one session. Although there are immediate results with the first treatment, after the third to fourth treatment there is a visible difference in the appearance of your skin. Great for fine lines, sun damage, dehydration, acne and scarring, hyper pigmentation and dullness. Your technician will discuss the best program for you and give you home care recommendations that will best benefit you and your skin. During the treatment, your skin will be cleansed and the technician will select the texture of the diamonds to be used. It is quiet enough if you would like to talk and ask questions, or you may wish to just relax. If you are recieving just microdermabrasion we will finish your treatment with our Eminence products to leave your skin hydrated and protected. For best results, we do recommend combining the microdermabrasion treatment with our Cold Laser Therapy. You can add a masque on to your microdermabrasion treatment to enhance your facial experience and treatment.

  Q: What is cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser is a low level laser therapy and refers to the use of low powered laser light. It has also been refered to as ‘Cold Laser’ or ‘Biostimulation Laser’. It is used to stimulate a biological process. Just as plants exposed to normal sunlight synthesize carbohydrates in their chlorophyll containing tissues (photosynthesis), laser light stimulates the formation and release of our body’s own chemical compounds. In low level laser therapy, the light energy has a stimulating effect on tissues because it increases cellular energy. Cold laser stimulates the production of collagen, the most common protein found in the body and also stimulates lymphatic flow, helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluids from the tissues. Studies have shown that the diameter of lymph vessels and accompanying lymph flow can be doubled with the use of light therapy. This increases the activity of the fibroblasts in the connective tissue that are capable of forming collagen and will aid in the repair process, stimulating proper tissue granulation which is a part of the healing process of inflamed tissues, such as acne breakouts. Low level laser therapy is an effective therapy that works in harmony with the body’s own healing and pain relieving mechanisms. There are no harmful side effects from this laser type therapy. This treatment is not only effective but very relaxing.